Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The "Creeper" Hat Pattern

I made this hat for my son a few weeks ago after he saw a rather expensive knit version on a popular retail site.  He is a HUGE Minecraft fan and loves green so this was right up his alley.  I finished it a little over 2 weeks ago and he has since taken to wearing it both inside and outside!!!!

Please note the base hat pattern is not mine and I am simply providing instructions on how to add this design to the base hat.  I recommend this hat because all the hats I have made with it have turned out awesome and it is made with sc which is necessary for the "creeper" design to look right.   The basic hat pattern can be found here:

She offers tips on how to make it larger and smaller.  For mine I used Red Heart Super Saver in spring green and in black.

How to add the "creeper":

Find the center front 18 stitches of your hat, I just kind of guesstimated but use whatever method you are comfortable with.  For my son I started the design on round 11 of the hat.  You should start the design on whatever round seems appropriate to the size hat you are making therefore I am numbering this pattern starting with round 1 as it will be round 1 of the design area).  I recommend starting the design a couple rows after stopping the increase rounds of the hat (once you work only 1 sc in each stitch).

Round 1: work green stitches until you reach the 18 stitches in the center front of the hat.  Work 6 sc in black, 6 sc in green, and 6 sc in black. Finish the round in green.

Rounds 2-5:  repeat round 1.

Round 6:  Work in green until you reach the end of the back from the prior row, work 6 black stitches in the green stitches that fell between your two black squares (the 'eyes').  Finish the round in green.

Rounds 7-8: Repeat round 6

Round 9: Work green stopping 3 stitches before the black of round 8.  Change to black and work 12 black sc.  Finish round in green.

Rounds 10-12: Repeat round 9.

Round 13:  Start black in same spot as prior round working only 3 sc in black, change to green and work 6 sc, change to black and work 3 sc, finish round in green.

Rounds 14-15: Repeat round 23.

Finish hat in all green.

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