Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vi's Shell Headband - Free Crochet Pattern

Tonight I polled my Facebook fans for an idea for a free pattern for this blog.  Apparently everyone was out partying and I got two suggestions.  This is Vi's Shell Headband named after the daughter of my cousin Karen who suggested a headband pattern.

This will fit infants through school-aged children.  I can stretch mine to fit me but it's a tight fit and my yarn is strechier than normal cotton yarn.


A small amount of cotton yarn (I used Nashua's Cilantro cotton blend yarn, this yarn is super stretchy and has great stitch definition)

G hook

Tapestry Needle

Optional: yarn of choice for flower decoration 


fdc - foundation double crochet
st- stitch
sl st- slip stitch
dc- double crochet
ch- chain

Special Stitches:

shell stitch - 5 dc in the same stitch

foundation double crochet (fdc) - this is a chainless foundation stitch which makes for a much stretchier finished item which is ideal for headbands.  I can't explain it very well but Teri over at Diamond Crochet & Crafts did a great tutorial which you can find here


Row 1: Do 30 fdc stitches (count the beginning ch 3 as one of the stitches).  Turn. (there is no turning chain)

Row 2: Skip 2 st, *shell stitch in next st, skip st, sl st in next, skip st*, repeat from * to * to the end of the row.

Turn your work 1/4 turn so that the end is facing up.  Sl st in in side of the beginning ch 3 of the foundation row.

Row 3: repeat row 2 stitching into bottom of the foundation row.

At the end of row 3 do not finish off, instead fold right sides together and slip stitch the two ends together. 

Finish off and weave in ends.

Use as is or add your choice of decoration.  I added a nice and easy flower from one of my favorite blogs.  You can find it here  You can glue the flower to an aligator clip and switch out decorations to match outfits.


  1. Thanks for this pretty pattern and it was really easy but looks great

  2. I must have done something wrong because mine turned out to be bracelet size and I made sure to stitch loosely. Do you have any ideas what it could have been?

    1. It should be pretty small as the stretch is what keeps it on and because it is designed to fit infant through school aged kiddos. The yarn I used has a LOT of stretch to it. If it's too small for your needs or your yarn is not so stretchy then you can add additional length by adding multiples of 4 to the original 30 foundation chain. Maybe give 38 a try and see how that works.

  3. Could you share the flower you used as it is no longer available. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't save the pattern for it. There are hundreds of great flower patterns out there, if you are not already a member, I would suggest joining (it's free) and you should be able to find great patterns on there.